The IMA Start app

Track the breakdown mechanic's position in real time

Reassure your customer on what time the breakdown mechanic is coming

Streamline management of breakdown missions.

When a vehicle has broken down, we inform your customer what time the breakdown mechanic will arrive normally within half-an-hour. However, this regulatory half-an-hour is sometimes difficult to keep for the service provider (traffic, hold-ups, etc), causing your customer to be dissatisfied.

A service in three steps

  • 1. SMS

    The customer receives a SMS informing him that the breakdown mechanic is on his way.

  • 2. GPS tracking

    In addition, this message includes a link which shows the breakdown mechanic’s position on a map and accurately estimates the arrival time.

  • 3. New SMS

    About five minutes before the service provider arrives, the insured person receives a second SMS informing him that the breakdown mechanic will shortly be there.

Three benefits

  • A. Track the breakdown mechanic's progress in real time on your smartphone and keep updated on how long before he arrives.
  • B. Enhance the quality of the customer’s experience and enhance your position as an insurer keeping to his commitments.
  • C. Make the breakdown mechanic’s intervention easier.

An evolving app

Afterwards, an accident pre-declaration service is offered to your customers, accelerating the case management procedure while avoiding potential disputes with the service provider.