Home Assistance

Preserve the magic and comfort of their home

To provide emergency assistance and make the home as good as new, we draw on services from an network of experts who are mindful of market rates. Are your customers best placed to judge the intervention required? We will ensure that they are involved in the solution thanks to tele-expertise.

Build your home assistance package

  • Repair, organise and support

    • Urgent repairs or not

    • Choose the causes you want to cover: broken windows, water or frost damage, fire, explosions, implosions, lightning, breakdown (mechanical or domestic), electrical issues, storms, earthquakes, vandalism, theft and attempted theft, etc.

      Our service providers (or the providers from your own network) repair the urgent problem and propose a quote for the permanent repairs.


  • Transporter

    • Relocation

    • Taxi, transfer (to a friend or relative)

    • Cash advance

    • Repatriation and return to accommodation

    • We will organise the transport of goods to the appropriate location (temporary residence, storage centre, etc.)

    • This option allows your customer’s friends and relatives to come to a place of temporary residence or to a family member’s if your customer is unable to guarantee their own mobility.

    • When your clients need basic funds, we will call for a taxi. It will arrive at the site of the incident with a sum of money (to be agreed) or an appropriate payment method – accompanied by an IOU. You may choose whether this advance is covered or invoiced to your customer.

    • If the incident took place when your customers were abroad, we will organise their speedy repatriation to organise repairs, and their return to their accommodation once this is complete.

  • Making it sustainable and safe

    • Securing the home

    • Storage facility

    • Accommodation whilst waiting for repairs

    • Cleaning

    • Our providers offer repairs which ensure the safety of your customers. If damage is too extensive to be repaired quickly, we will organise for the home to be secured.

    • We will organise the secure storage of possessions in a storage facility. Works of art will be housed by a specialised practitioner!

    • We will reserve and cover hotel stays where the home is provisionally or definitively uninhabitable (type and duration to be agreed).

    • We will organise and cover cleaning of the home.

  • Taking care

    • Basic necessities

    • Care and transport of pets

    • Psychological support

    • To ensure your customer’s comfort, our taxi will accompany them and pay for any healthcare products or clothing (up to a ceiling to be agreed).

    • We will organise the care and transport of pets to the agreed destination (care duration to be agreed).

    • Because theft can be traumatising, we will organise psychological support over the phone with a specialised practitioner.

An experience that counts

We work transparently with your Claims department

An open case, a challenge for our experts.

Listen to us organise your assistance

After picking up for you we first identify, in a clear and understandable way, what your customer is entitled to under their cover.

After reassuring your customer, our operators specialising in repairs will analyse their needs and organise a tailor-made solution. Working closely with providers from a highly-qualified network.

Make a difference

What makes IMA Benelux stand out amongst the various home assistance market players?

  • Approach

    A genuine network of qualified providers created by us (no “putting you in touch”)

  • Availability

    The responsiveness of a call centre already open 24/7

  • Price

    Our experience and philosophy mean our services are available at the market rate

  • Service

    Costs covered on the insurer’s behalf

  • Innovation

    As well as our tele-expertise, we are also developing assistance for the connected home

Successful innovations and technologies

Avoid an expert call-out and cut costs? For damages under €5,000 our partner will assess the necessary repairs required, often using photos, and offer 3 solutions. Find our more about these on our dedicated TELE-EXPERTISE page.