Roadside & Mobility Assistance

Reassure and restore mobility

A reassuring experience when the worst happens: here’s what our assistance coordinators can organise. Their commitment: empathy, understanding of the situation, reassuring the customer.

Build your roadside assistance package

  • Repair, organise and support

    • On-site breakdown and repair assistance

    • Garage repairs

    • Handling wreckage

    • Select the causes you want to cover: accident, mechanical breakdown, fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, impounding, punctures, fuel, battery, keys, etc.

      Our service providers (or the service providers of the network of your choice) first repair the problem at the lowest cost on site, whether for conventional or electric vehicles.

    • When it is not possible to conduct repairs on site, our service providers (or the service providers of the network of your choice) repair the vehicle at the most appropriate facility. We ensure the necessary parts are sent if the repairer’s network does not have them.

    • We coordinate the expert assessment and propose the next steps: write-off or resale at a profitable rate for your customer, locally or after repatriation. We deal with the administrative formalities (return of licence plate, etc.).

  • Transport

    • Tow / crane / hoist

    • Repatriation

    • Handling wreckage

    • Conveyance of a replacement driver

    • After the vehicle has been secured, our service providers (or the service providers of the network of your choice) take it to the most appropriate facility. If the chosen facility is shut at the time (night, weekend, etc.), we secure the vehicle and have it towed on the next working day.

    • Our providers repatriate your vehicle using collective transport. We also organise any necessary security.

    • Our providers (or providers from the network of your choice), ensure the security and repatriation of the wreckage. For example, we find a place at a nearby camp site whilst waiting for the vehicle to be repaired.

    • Should a customer be unable to collect the repaired vehicle, we transport a driver of your choice to the location of the vehicle where repatriation is not possible.

      Keys and mechanical parts can also be delivered where necessary.

  • Ensuring mobility

    • Substitute vehicle

    • Taxi

    • Here and there, conveyance and repatriation

    • Your customers are offered a substitute vehicle depending on events (or in addition to your courtesy vehicles if these are available in your garage network). We work with trusted partners with whom we have established procedures ensuring the utmost efficacy and the best price. You can choose the category of vehicle loaned, as well as who acts as guarantor.

    • This option allows your clients to return to their temporary or primary place of residence whilst their vehicle is off the road. It takes them to the impound or to where their substitute vehicle is waiting.

    • We promise to get your customers where they need to go, be it to wait for repairs on site, for onward journeys to their destination or to get back home, by train or by plane.

  • Support and organisation

    • Accommodation whilst waiting for repairs

    • Luggage and pets

    • Administrative support

    • Cash advance

    • Medical assistance

    • Translation

    • We organise and provide an overnight hotel stay where vehicle repairs require a customer to wait locally (ceiling and duration to be agreed).

    • We organise the transport of pets and baggage to the agreed destination. In case of destruction, loss or theft, we deliver basic necessities, a replacement suitcase or send a cash advance to cover purchases made locally.

    • We help your customers with customs procedures, accident reports, in dealings with the police, impounds and with any administrative formalities.

    • A taxi arrive at the site of the incident, with a sum of money (to be agreed) or a suitable payment method – accompanied with an IOU – whenever your customers need access to basic funds.

      You may choose whether this advance is covered or invoiced to your customer.

    • Thanks to the IMA network, your customers benefit from a number of guarantees in terms of health care in the event of an accident, and assistance in the event of a fatality.

      Find out more about these here

    • Your clients are welcomed in the language of your choice (FR – NL – EN – DE). What’s more, our variety of assistance coordinators means we can always find the right person to help your insured party wherever they are in the world.

Performance-driven mobility

From call pick-up rates to customer satisfaction, together we can build indicators which really measure and improve your customers’ experience.

  • 1st Private eCall center in the Benelux
  • 2 out of 3 Customers recommend us (NPS)
  • 30 sec. Maximum wait time (SLA)

A partnership at the heart of your assistance strategy

It’s in our DNA: we tailor assistance to an insurer, a manufacturer, a service. We understand the challenges specific to the sector, have fresh ideas and are committed to getting results.

Mobility today and tomorrow

In light of current changes in usage, we are developing adapted and integrated assistance solutions for the guarantees requested.

  • Electric bikes
  • Motorbikes, scooters, vespas etc.
  • HGVs, camper vans, mobile homes.
  • Vehicle fleet

Innovation and transformation

To keep pace with technological and societal changes, IMA Benelux draws on research carried out by the Group and its subsidiaries. New applications, supporting start-ups, development of APIs and web services, testing technologies on predictive responses… so many solutions are available to our customers, their insured parties and our providers.