Travel & Medical

Reassure, diagnose, provide treatment

From a sprain treated locally to a plane trip home for more serious treatment, we can see to it all.

Thanks to our Group’s expertise, you can rely on a global network which is skilled and equipped to provide a response tailored to the number of people requiring assistance. With IMA Benelux, you will be supported by a stakeholder who understands your market and can offer assistance in your customers’ language.

Build your Travel & Medical assistance package

  • Treatment, organisation and support

    • Treatment

    • Accommodation for a friend or relative

    • Administrative assistance

      • Organisation of treatment, monitoring of procedures carried out via Health-e*, our tele-medicine portal which allows for the exchange of information between local teams and IMA medical professionals.
      • Advance, coverage of surgical and medical costs.
      • Negotiation of tariff rates thanks to the size and influence of the IMA network and cost containment
      • Third-party payer and social security cost coverage
      • Psychological assistance
    • Organisation of accommodation for a friend or relative in an IMA-accredited establishment within the network, should a stay be extended due to medical reasons.

      • Organisation of formalities involving treatment centres, transport companies etc. Your customers can focus on their treatment, let us take care of the rest.
      • Organisation of other administrative formalities related to the stay.
  • Transport and ensure mobility

    • Locally

    • Repatriation

    • Conveyance

    • Organisation and coverage of primary health transport (ambulance, helicopter etc.) to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility.

    • of the beneficiary by medical transport (any transport) to the most appropriate facility or home (organisation and coverage of their return).

      • of companions either alone or accompanied by a friend or relative or qualified person
      • of baggage and animals
      • of remains to their place of rest


      Early return in case of hospitalisation, risk to life or the death of a friend or relative.

    • of persons:

      • of a companion if the beneficiary is alone and hospitalised
      • of a replacement colleague
      • of a friend or relative to identify the body


      of personal effects:

      • medication, glasses, prostheses, documents
  • Inform

    • Practical information

    • Interpreting

    • Urgent messages

      • Medical advice over the phone or via email 24/7
      •  Travel preparation information on the app.
    • Language assistance

    • Transfer of private or professional messages in case of reduced access to telephone services.

  • Support under exceptional circumstances

    • Financial and administrative assistance

      • Cash advance in case of severe and unexpected difficulty (e.g. bail payment)
      • Coverage of lawyer and court fees
  • Support and organisation

    • Exceptional occurrences

    • Mountain rescue

    • Travel cancelling

      • Prevention: risk analysis by employees and the company
      • Reaction: organisation of transport and accommodation; crisis unit support for the company
    • Coverage of search and rescue services provided by a competent local authority, and where necessary of fixed fees.

      • Reimbursement in case of cancellation of a trip due to medical reasons

A team on a global scale ...
results at the key

  • 35 years’ experience
  • 9.400 partner medical facilities
  • 254 correspondents

Cost containment

Cost containment is also part of IMA’s competitive values Your customers will be systematically guided to hospitals where we have an agreement. We don’t only cover costs, but we also negotiate them (cost containment).

This action has allowed us to save €5 million on the €20 million earmarked for this year.

la différence IMA Benelux Assistance

That’s the IMA difference

An IMA doctor is trained to find the right solution for the customer, not to think strictly about exclusion criteria. That’s what we call our personal approach to implementing guarantees. At the heart of our approach is our personal expertise, which is above all focused on delivering a personal and compassionate service. Your customers will be helped, but more importantly heard. Our story is our success.