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Ecall for Emergency Call

IMA strives to be the leader in geo-tracked emergency calls, having already developed this technology in 2006. That’s why IMA Benelux is today pouring its 12 years’ experience into managing these calls.

IMA Benelux Assistance added value

The technology allows an emergency signal to be transmitted, but does not provide sufficient contextual information. A qualified assistance coordinator can assess the incident (number of persons affected, number of vehicles involved) or simply cancel any intervention in case of accidental triggering of the signal. They make things easier for the emergency services, who are already sufficiently overstretched. And, above all, they provide a reassuring voice in the vehicle during critical situations.

How does eCall work?

  • Signal transmission

    The signal is triggered voluntarily (using a button) or involuntarily (impact detected by the car). It is sent by satellite, along with the vehicle’s geo-tracking data.

  • Assessment by assistance coordinator

    IMA technology sends the call to the assistance coordinator best equipped to respond (e.g. due to language) within 15 seconds. They will assess the call and take the necessary actions.

  • Call to the 112 station concerned

    The assistance coordinator calls the station and shares critical information. They remain in contact with vehicle until the emergency services arrive.

In figures

  • 100% Calls handled within 15 sec
  • 90% Calls filtred and not sent to 112
  • 1st Private eCall center in the Benelux

Experience the eCall

A visionary and longstanding partner, PSA developed the film opposite in 2013, showing an actual intervention by an assistance coordinator from IMA Benelux. It will allow you to easily see how the different parties fit into the geo-tracked emergency call chain.