Get My Car

Repatriate vehicles from the Schengen area

Digitize the processes and increase the speed of repatriation time

Speed – Automation – Increased satisfaction

Together with our transport operators, we have designed a brand new tool enabling transport price quotes to be digitised. An easy to use intranet which enables rapid entry of the necessary information and provides direct access for the transport operator.

A platform to digitise transport management with automatic sending of a notification, documents and quotes.

It’s a simple principle: the assistance coordinator enters the necessary data for executing repatriations. All the selected transport operators receive a notification so that they can submit a quote on the platform. 24 hours later, the system selects the most relevant quote. Your customer is automatically notified by text message from the platform of the mission’s completion and return of his vehicle.

From the participants’ point of view

  • Your customer

    Tracking progress of his case via text message.

    In the event of questions by telephone, the recipient receives an immediate answer (due to access to the platform by the assistance coordinators).

    Reduced repatriation times.

  • The transporteur  operator

    Access to all the missions managed by IMA Benelux.

    Real time information by email on how his price quote is progressing.

    The site adapts to the user’s language.


  • partenaire-commercial-ima-benelux-assistance


    Increased satisfaction.

    Possibility of ordering urgent repatriations and reply to a quote request in under 24 hours.

Get My Car, means

  • -57 % Decrease in number of claims associated with repatriations from 2017 to 2018.
  • - 4 days Delivery time 14 days on average in 2017 compared to 10 days on average in 2018.

From the users’ point of view

Over the 2018 summer season, the average delivery time was reduced to 10 days. Being 4 days less compared to previous years.

In action since mid-July 2018, Get-My-Car has proved a huge success with transport operators and assistance coordinators. It simplifies their workload and improves quality of service to our customers.



“Get My Car is simple, easy to use and fast. It has excellent potential to enable successful collaboration between all participants. “



“Speed, efficiency, visibility. The assistance coordinator has an overall view of the mission’s logistics. Processing is easier. The site is easy to use.”