When Inter Mutuelles Assistance joins forces with a French Start Up

To offer quality assistance to motorcyclists and reassure their loved ones

So that motorcyclists are never alone any more

Following eCall coming into effect, the emergency system that has become compulsory on all new models of light vehicles since 1 April 2018, Liberty Rider and Inter Mutuelles Assistance (IMA) have joined forces to adapt this service to riders of motorised two-wheelers.

Even though the app is currently only available for French users, it should shortly be available in our country.

Act quickly

Since 16 May 2018, all French motorcyclists riding with Liberty Rider have an emergency call service operated by IMA. Even though Liberty Rider was confined to France previously, the international routes are now open.


 “Our association with IMA is a turning point in improving two-wheeler drivers’ protection. The combination of our know-how guarantees safer roads for French motorcyclists and scooter riders in Europe” confirms Emmanuel PETIT, CEO of Liberty Rider.

The first two-wheeler emergency call device operational in 9 countries in Europe

From now on, French motorcyclists and scooter riders riding with Liberty Rider are covered in the following countries: France (including Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Reunion and Mayotte), Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands.
  • The only free emergency call device

  • The only free solution, accessible to everyone


  • Available on Android and iOS.

  • The IMA Group, European leader in processing emergency calls and eCall

The application combining safety and performance


A user activates Liberty Rider with a simple click before starting out.

While travelling, if a fall is detected, the user has two minutes to cancel the alert.

If there is no action from him, the alert is immediately relayed to the IMA emergency platform. If they don’t get a reply from the user, emergency services are advised with the exact details of the accident.

This all ensures that the injured person is taken care of swiftly and efficiently.

In November 2017, Matmut, Macif, Mutuelle des Motards and IMA invested in the Toulouse start-up, which is booming. New projects are being studied to support two-wheeler riders in their daily lives and provide them with further benefits.

  • 200.000 users
  • +250 accidents handled
  • 10 lives saved
  • €16.000 raised in November 2017

Bringing together a tight-knit community, all in a single totally free app

Liberty Rider brings together the largest French community of two-wheeler riders in one application. It is the only free mobile application enabling emergency services to be called on without any additional financial cost for the user. Since its release, more than 250 accidents have been handled. The solution has enabled rescuing 10 users, who had serious accidents. In 2018, more than 40 accidents per month have been detected by their service