Providers Area

Beyond service provision

We share a mission: helping people in need with a quality service and above all human support. That is why we work with you within a partnership.

It’s a partnership we are building with passionate professionals looking to develop and evolve effective solutions and a long-term relationship.


Not just work, but a calling

  • 9 years

    Average partnership duration
  • 96%

    Providers’ satisfaction rate regarding their work with IMA Benelux

Figures based on a 2018 analysis and including all contracts with our providers since 2001

Our commitment

We build genuine partnerships thanks to our sound understanding of your work. What’s more, we base our work and relationship with you on a charter of values. Find out below what this means on a day-to-day basis.

  • Professionnalism

    Because we speak the same language, all our departments can build a solid partnership with our providers, and we work towards a shared objective: to reassure and support beneficiaries as best we can.

  • Respect

    You will be an essential link in the chain of our work. We all respect each other’s responsibilities and constraints.

  • Trust

    You will pass on our values through your dealings with our customers.

  • Solidarity

    We don’t choose the facility, we analyse the facts to warn you of any conflicts.

  • Team Spirit

    From the moment the assistance coordinator picks up and the customer is placed in “your expert hands”, we trust you with our customer.