Simplify the handling of damage case

with tele-expertise

Now you don’t need to make the trip for minor claims

From emergency to permanent repairs, everything is managed by IMA Benelux.

Damage is handled in full transparency :

  • E-mail notification from the activation of the emergency assistance
  • Monitoring of tele-expertise in our customer extranet
  • Feedback on experience via regular telephone exchanges.

No longer need to go on the spot

Trained since the creation of our tele-expertise service in 2014, our tele-experts can offer you several years of experience in the assessment of minor claims where no third party is involved.

Claim assessments are possible thanks to photo-sharing, an in-depth telephone interview and an evaluation grid. Three solutions are on offer.


3 solutions on offer

  • DIY repairs

    Your customer, confident in their DIY skills, decides to repair the damage themselves. The tele-expert pays a compensation sum which covers the purchase of materials and some of the labour hours.

  • Repairs in kind

    Your customer does not organise anything: everything is taken care of with a quality and cost guarantee by our network of professionals (One-year guarantee on work).

  • Compensation

    Your customer chooses to work with a provider of their choice. The tele-expert pays the compensation sum calculated in the costing tool.

In figures

  • 17 Years of experience in emergency repairs and 4 in tele-expertise.
  • 88% Of those asked would recommend tele-expertise
  • 200 Professions spread over the Benelux region
  • 103 Cases opened and contacted within 48 hours during Storm David, 18-21 Jan 2018 (including the weekend)

Customer benefits

Tele-expertise guarantees customer satisfaction for two reasons: time and choice. No need to clear the diary (or even take leave!) for an expert visit.

The customer actively contributes to the claim process and the impact on the commercial link with the company and/or the broker is highly positive!