IMA Benelux

Your customers can get in touch with us during claims or in difficult situations. We will comfort them and take matters in hand by offering personalised solutions, replacing their stress with a more relaxing experience. All whilst guaranteeing your brand image and excellent customer satisfaction.


One Part of a Whole

We are part of the IMA Group, a financial group based in France which has been a leader for 30 years in the roadside and medical assistance sector.

The IMA Group has been around since 1981, created by French mutual companies looking to outsource and professionalise assistance. That’s why our personal approach is one of the cornerstones of what we do. Another of our cornerstones is innovation. Being part of an international group means our subsidiary can reap the benefits of technologies simultaneously developed on various markets.

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Customer proximity

Based in Liège, a European crossroads, we work as closely as we can with our customers from the four corners of the Benelux region.

Beyond quality, excellence

As part of our white label approach, we will work with your customers on your behalf. Various tools are used to ensure you get the level of performance you are looking for.
  • Constantly performance assessment

  • Quality standards set for all our customers

  • Seasonal global satisfaction surveys

  • Personalised quarterly reporting